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Helix / Smash Hits Unplugged (輸入盤CD)【K2016/4/29発売】(ヘリックス)

Helix / Smash Hits Unplugged (輸入盤CD)【K2016/4/29発売】(ヘリックス)の通販は - あめりかん☆ぱい|商品ロットナンバー:295321098




2016/4/29 発売



Smash Hits... Unplugged! Is an acoustic studio album by the heavy metal band Helix. It was released in November 2010 via the band's official site and at shows, with a wider release via EMI in January 2011. It is composed of acoustic versions of Helix hits from albums past as well as a new cover version of "Touch Of Magic" by the late Canadian singer, James Leroy. It is the first studio recording by the current Helix lineup of vocalist Brian Vollmer, guitarists Brent Doerner and Kaleb Duck, bassist Daryl Gray and drummer Greg Hinz. It also features guitar performances by ex-member and co-producer Sean Kelly. It is Helix' 13th full length studio album and 22nd album released overall.

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