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【0】JAMES BROWN / BODY HEAT: LIVE IN MONTEREY 1979 (輸入盤DVD) (ジェームス・ブラウン)

【0】JAMES BROWN / BODY HEAT: LIVE IN MONTEREY 1979 (輸入盤DVD) (ジェームス・ブラウン)の通販は - あめりかん☆ぱい|商品ロットナンバー:297077568





2011/3/22 発売



In 1969 at a concert in Monterey, James Brown announced his intention to retire from touring, but it wasn't until 1975 that he finally stopped. Then 1979 three young television producers convinced him to make a comeback performance. This outstanding concert was captured and then due to unfortunate circumstances the videotapes were locked in a vault for twelve years before they could be seen. Brown's transformation of gospel passion into the compelling intensity of rhythm and blues, combined with meticulous choreography and energetic showmanship is clearly demonstrated in this legendary concert footage. Featuring the hits "Papas Got a Brand New Bag," "Try Me" and an unbelievable twenty minute version of "Sex Machine".

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